What will I learn with Hi-Fi Color for Comics?

 You probably have a few art instruction books in your collection and I bet you found some more useful than others. Some books talk at great length about art and can be quite interesting. Other books show the author creating amazing illustrations but don’t always give you the information you need to achieve similar results. The most helpful art instruction books don’t merely talk about art or show you art they teach you how to create something you could not have achieved before purchasing the book. Hi-Fi Color for Comics provides you with step-by-step tutorials with artwork teaching you to color comic book illustrations from start to finish.

What exactly will you learn in the book?

Learn how to scan comic artwork, combine multiple scans into one large image, and how to format artwork to fit a comic book page template. NEW: Learn how to import artwork created digitally and prepare it for coloring. Whether you want to scan and color traditional artwork or color artwork created digitally this section of the book will show you exactly how to prep your pages for color using the provided template.

New to computer coloring? You will learn how to use the tools and techniques needed to complete the tutorials in the book.
HI-Fi 1-2-3 AUTOMATION makes it easy.
The included Hi-Fi scripts & actions simplify the technical aspects of coloring so you can focus on being creative.
• Automated page set-up. You start coloring quickly
• Magically prep your page for special effects
• Push button color separations with trapping for professional results

Step-by-step tutorials show you how how to easily break down images into flat color. Learn tool tricks that will save you time and learn how to use Photoshop Channels to give you unlimited undo’s when coloring. You can even follow along with the provided comic book artwork.

Tutorials teaching you how to render backgrounds, exteriors and interiors, ground & sky, vehicles, and figures using cut-n-grad and cut-n-brush techniques. You will learn how to Paint with light the Hi-Fi way.




 NEW: All new rendering tutorial featuring artwork by legendary comic creator J. Scott Campbell that you can follow along with and color yourself.


Knockout color holds quickly using the included Hi-Fi actions and easy to learn techniques. Learn how to apply color holds to add depth and dimension to your artwork.

Make fire effects, flares, sparkles, glows, muzzle blasts, warp effects, and more. Learn how you can make effects once to use over and over again. See special effects applied to actual published artwork. Most of these special effects are all new for the updated edition of Hi-Fi Color for Comics

Need to convert to CMYK color for commercial printing? The included Hi-Fi color settings and 1-2-3 Automation™ scripts make it easier than ever to achieve professional results.

Get advice about creating your portfolio, attending comic conventions, and submitting samples. Discover how the comic industry handles invoicing and payment. Learn the secret to getting started and making a great impression.

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Brian Miller is the founder of comic book color studio Hi-Fi colour deisgn and the co-author of Hi-Fi Color For Comics