Let’s get Hi-Fi Color for Comics back in print!

Six years ago Hi-Fi Color for Comics revealed the secret tips, tricks, and techniques of digital comic book coloring in a way that made it fast and easy to learn how to color comic book art the way professional colorists do. In the years since its release, Hi-Fi Color for Comics found its way into the hands of over 10,000 enthusiastic fans, students, and aspiring comic book creators around the world. By Fall 2012 every copy of Hi-Fi Color for Comics the publisher had printed were sold out. With the book out of print used copies of Hi-Fi Color for Comics started trading at double, triple, even quadruple the original $25 cover price. Clearly demand for Hi-Fi Color for Comics existed but with the entire book industry in peril the original publisher was not in a position to green light additional printings of the book.

Flash forward to 2014, Kristy and I have now obtained the publishing rights to Hi-Fi Color for Comics and we are looking at our best options for getting the book back in print. Several publishers have shown real interest but sadly too, a lack of vision wanting to simply reprint the existing book and shuffle it off to schools and libraries to make a quick buck. In the past six years much has changed in the world of digital color and comic books. The current version of Adobe Photoshop dwarfs Photoshop CS2 which was new when we wrote Hi-Fi Color for Comics and in our minds a reprinting of the book just won’t do. Kristy and I want to bring you a fully revised and updated version of Hi-Fi Color for Comics.

We have chosen to walk away from the old way of publishing books and to team up with you, our readers, to build a new and better Hi-Fi Color for Comics. We plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign in March to fund the printing of the revised and updated Hi-Fi Color for Comics. We have reached out to Original Hi-Fi Color for Comics editor, Amy Jeynes, who has agreed to come an board to ensure the new and updated tutorials give you clear direction while challenging you to push beyond your comfort zone. Eric White (HueDoo.com forums moderator and creator of the Hi-Fi Color for Comics Facebook Group) working behind the scenes with content delivery and printing companies to bring you the highest quality book and bonus content. We are also working with friends in the industry like Comicraft and Comixology to lend their expertise to this project. Whether you choose the print version, digital version, or both the new Hi-Fi Color for Comics will be best resource for learning the art of digital comic book coloring.

Without the resources of a large publisher our biggest challenge will be alerting supporters about Hi-Fi Color for Comics. This is where you can help now, before the Kickstarter Campaign launches. This project will be of interest to everyone with a passion for comic book coloring and we invite you to spread the word. Share this blog post and sign up for e-mail updates below to receive updates leading up to and during the Kickstarter campaign for Hi-Fi Color for Comics.

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Stay tuned for new information including news about new art and artist for tutorials, what you can expect from the new Hi-Fi Color for Comics, and of course how you can get involved and ensure the success of the campaign to get Hi-Fi Color for Comics back in print.

Let’s do this!

Brian Miller is the founder of comic book color studio Hi-Fi colour deisgn and the co-author of Hi-Fi Color For Comics