Preparing to Launch: Smithsonian FUTURES


Thank you again for your support and patronage during these trying times — I’ve spent over 8 months of my life working on a secret project. I could not have done this without your support. Today is the big day, the day I can finally tell you about it!

Smithsonian FUTURES

You will be able to see new artwork from me featured at the Smithsonian in a brand new exhibit imagining life 50 years from today. Working virtually with the Smithsonian experts was very inspiring. So many great ideas for the future were proposed. Enough to fill a book or two. In the end we had to narrow it down to only 8 illustrations for the FUTURES exhibit.

I’ve included a sneak peek of the images below. Stay tuned for more details on each illustration coming soon.

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Ready To Time Travel 50 Years Into the Future?

Debuting with the exhibition FUTURES at the Smithsonian’s Arts and Industries Building, a new project Smithsonian Future Visions 2071 imagines possible future worlds based on current cutting-edge Smithsonian research.

Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination invited eight Smithsonian research teams to imagine what might be happening in 50 years’ time in their unique areas of study. These future visions were then interpreted by award-winning artist Brian Miller into a series of forward-looking illustrations envisioning Smithsonian in the year 2071.

Acclaimed sci-fi writers Tochi Onyebuchi and Madeline Ashby created a series of flash fiction short stories set in the same world.


What is #TheFUTURES?

What do you think of when you think of the future? FUTURES is the first building-wide exploration of the future on the National Mall, spanning 32,000 square feet. Opening in late 2021 and on view until Summer 2022, FUTURES is your guide to a vast array of interactives, artworks, technologies, and ideas that are glimpses into humanity’s next chapter. You are, after all, only the latest in a long line of future makers.

Smell a molecule. Clean your clothes in a wetland. Meditate with an AI robot. Travel through space and time. Watch water being harvested from air. Become an emoji. The FUTURES is yours to decide, debate, delight. We invite you to dream big, and imagine not just one future, but many possible futures on the horizon—playful, sustainable, inclusive.

In moments of great change, we dare to be hopeful. How will you create the future you want to live in?


What is the Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building?

The Smithsonian’s second-oldest building opened in 1881 as America’s first National Museum, an architectural icon in the heart of the National Mall. Its soaring halls introduced millions to wonders about to change the world—Edison’s lightbulb, the first telephone, Apollo rockets.

Dubbed “Palace of Wonders” and “Mother of Museums,” AIB incubated new Smithsonian museums for over 120 years before finally closing to the public in 2004. “FUTURES” is a milestone first step in the long-term plan to renovate and permanently reopen this landmark space.