Beyond the eBook!

Discover new ways to enjoy and share your digital coloring.

Our long time home at the forums were recently lost to us. Luckily for us we’ve found a great NEW home for our community at our Facebook Group!  It’s now easier than ever to contact the HueDoo community, and here’s what you’ll find once you get there!

Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
Hone your coloring skills by sharing and discussing the latest coloring tips, tricks, and techniques with other talented artists & creators.

Hi-Fi Helper Exchange
Hi-Fi Color for Comics showed you how to make and use Hi-Fi Helpers.  Now you can share the Hi-Fi Helpers you make with the world. Save time and frustration by finding Hi-Fi Helpers designed by others to suit your needs.

Project Gallery
As you complete the projects in Hi-Fi Color for Comics post your images to the group.  Compare your version of each project with others and discuss ideas for different approaches to each project.

Questions & Answers 
Having trouble mastering a technique or completing a project in Hi-Fi Color for Comics?  Need technical support for Actions or 1-2-3 Automation™?  Want to see the answers to homework projects from the book?  All these questions and more are just a quick post away.  Brian Miller and many Hi-Fi colorists visit the Facebook Group every day! There’s no better place to find the answers to any and all your questions about Hi-Fi Color for Comics.

Tribal Talk
Pull us a seat around the campfire and tell us a story.  What comics are you loving the color work in? What inspires you?  We encourage HueDoo members, old and new, to introduce themselves here too.

And keep your eyes on the group for plenty of new things coming soon!