Beyond the Book!

Discover new ways to enjoy and share your digital coloring.

Our long time home at the forums were recently lost to us. Luckily for us we’ve found a great NEW home for our community at our Facebook Group!  It’s now easier than ever to contact the HueDoo community, and here’s what you’ll find once you get there!

Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
Hone your coloring skills by sharing and discussing the latest coloring tips, tricks, and techniques with other talented artists & creators.

Hi-Fi Helper Exchange
Hi-Fi Color for Comics showed you how to make and use Hi-Fi Helpers.  Now you can share the Hi-Fi Helpers you make with the world. Save time and frustration by finding Hi-Fi Helpers designed by others to suit your needs.

Project Gallery
As you complete the projects in Hi-Fi Color for Comics post your images to the group.  Compare your version of each project with others and discuss ideas for different approaches to each project.

Questions & Answers 
Having trouble mastering a technique or completing a project in Hi-Fi Color for Comics?  Need technical support for Actions or 1-2-3 Automation™?  Want to see the answers to homework projects from the book?  All these questions and more are just a quick post away.  Brian Miller and many Hi-Fi colorists visit the Facebook Group every day! There’s no better place to find the answers to any and all your questions about Hi-Fi Color for Comics.

Tribal Talk
Pull us a seat around the campfire and tell us a story.  What comics are you loving the color work in? What inspires you?  We encourage HueDoo members, old and new, to introduce themselves here too.

And keep your eyes on the group for plenty of new things coming soon!

Bonus CD

Bonus CD contains Hi-Fi Helpers to give your images extra shine…
and it does windows too.

Full of pallets, brushes, sample art, and other goodies this is one CD that you’ll never mistake for a coaster. Use these tools developed over the past decade by Hi-Fi to open up a whole new world of creativity.

What will you find on the Bonus CD?

  • Artwork for Tutorials
    For each tutorial in the book you will have the artwork to follow along with the step-by-step instructions.
  • Artwork for Projects
    Each chapter contains one or two projects that you can do on your own.  Use the information from that chapter along with the project art provided and there is no limit to what you can accomplish
  • Hi-Fi Helpers
    Hi-Fi Helpers are media files that you can use over and over again to make your life easier.  You will learn how to make your own Hi-Fi Helpers in the book plus you will find a tone of ready made Hi-Fi Helpers on the Bonus CD including:
    • Skies
    • Special Effects
    • Textures & Patterns
    • Water & Rain Effects
    • and more!
  • Sample Color Separations
    The book describes color separations and trapping in detail. Use the hi-res files to fully understand the concepts presented in the book and compare with your own color separations.
  • Sample Invoices
    In the chapter on breaking into the comic book industry the book shows you how to make a simple invoice.  Use the samples provided to help design and create your own invoice.
  • Bonus Art
    Practice your coloring styles and techniques on this bonus artwork. Superhero, action adventure, and cartoon style artwork for your to practice on.  All published comic book or cartoon art from Image comics and others.

Photoshop Add-Ons

Color Settings
Default and Advanced color settings you can load into Photoshop before starting the tutorials in the book.

Color Swatches
Use the provided color swatches, use your own, or mix and match for custom results.

You will learn in the book how to make custom brushes plus you get a set of brushes on the Bonus CD.

Use the provided Actions to speed-up repetitive tasks and learn to make your own Actions in the book.

1-2-3 Automation™
Use these pre-programmed scripts to automate page set-up, preparing your pages for special effects, and push-button color separations.


Designed to work with Photoshop CS or newer. Macintosh or Windows operating system.  Read the end user license agreement included with the   book & bonus CD for full details and requirements.

Inside Hi-Fi Color for Comics

It’s incredibly easy to make great looking comics with Hi-Fi Color for Comics.

Are you curious about how comic books are colored? Want to learn how to color comic artwork yourself? Ready to get hands-on with some cool comic book artwork to practice coloring? With Hi-Fi Color for Comics you now have the chance. Hi-Fi Color for Comics covers: SCANNING, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES, EASY to use 1-2-3 AUTOMATION™ scripts & actions, FLATS, RENDERING, COLOR HOLDS , SPECIAL EFFECTS, COLOR SEPARATIONS , BREAKING INTO THE COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY.


 Add a bit of color to your life.


Packed with colorful illustrations and real world information, Hi-Fi color for comics gives you all the information you need to get started coloring.

What will you learn?

    Scan comic artwork and combining multiple scans into one large image.
    New to computer coloring?  You will learn how to use the tools and techniques needed to complete the tutorials in the book.
    The included Hi-Fi scripts & actions simplify the technical aspects of coloring so you can achieve your full creative potential.
    • Automated page set-up. You start coloring quickly
    • Magically prep your page for special effects
    • Push button color separations with trapping for professional results
    Step-by-step tutorials show you how how to easily down images into flat color.  You can even follow along with the provided comic book artwork.
    Tutorials teaching you how to render backgrounds, exteriors and interiors, ground and sky… even vehicles, and figures using cut-n-grad and cut-n-brush techniques. You will learn how to Paint with light the Hi-Fi way.
    Knockout color holds quickly using the included Hi-Fi actions and easy to learn techniques. Leanr how to apply color holds to add depth and dimension to your artwork.
    Make fire effects, flares, sparkles, glows, muzzle blasts, warp effects, and more.  Learn how you can make effects once to use over and over again. See special effects applied to actual published artwork.
    Need to convert to CMYK color for commercial printing?  The included Hi-Fi color settings and 1-2-3 Automation™ scripts make it easier than ever to achieve professional results.
    Get advice about creating your portfolio, attending comic conventions, and submitting samples.  Discover how the comic industry handles invoicing and payment.  Learn the secret to getting started and making a great impression.

Is the art any good?

Artwork featured in Hi-Fi Color for Comics comes from top comic book professionals, including:

  • Dan Jurgens
  • John Byrne
  • Mike Worley
  • Joe Quesada
  • Steve Lightle
  • Joe Corroney
  • Paige Braddock
  • Phil Hester
  • Frank Quitely
  • Terry Moore
  • Humberto Ramos
  • Dave Bryant
  • Casey Malone
  • … and more.

What will I find in the book?

    Each chapter features Step-by-step tutorials with full-color illustrations to guide you through concepts.  To help ensure your success you will also find a project at the end of each chapter.  Complete all the tutorials and projects to unlock your creative potential.
    Hi-Fi color for comics features artwork from Fantastic Four, Star Wars, Tommi Trek, Strangers in Paradise, Spider-Man, Jane’s World, Star Trek, The Enigmas, Digital Webbing, & more.
    Inside the book you will also find advice from comic professionals like Terry Moore, Shelly Bond, Joe Corroney, Gail Simone and a bonus chapter on breaking into the comics industry with input from industry pros.

• Keyboard shortcuts to speed-up and simplify tasks
• Power tips to make the most out of your creative effort
• Insider tips to help you make the leap from amateur to pro

And don’t forget about the Bonus CD!