Comic Coloring Course launches on Patreon

Hi-Fi founders Brian Miller and Doctor Kristy Miller are taking their passion for art-education to the next level. Starting today their new Comic Coloring Course will be available online via Patreon. Patreon Members will be able to participate in live online classes and be able to rewatch the classes on-demand. Here is a glimpse at what Patreon members can expect from the course.

Live Sessions: Comic Coloring Course —  Learn COMIC COLORING in our virtual classroom!

  • Access to live Comic Coloring classes including Q&A with Brian & Doctor Kristy
  • Access to recordings of current and previous group classes for the calendar year
  • Class only community access
  • Most classes feature Adobe Photoshop. Some classes feature coloring on iPad with Procreate and other apps.

Monthly Videos — New videos released each month
Exclusive Content — Monthly videos are NOT available outside of Patreon
Roll Credits — Your name listed in the credits
ALL Video Library — Access to the entire video library including:

  • ALL monthly videos
  • ALL art commission videos
  • ALL Thursday Night Treasures videos with Brian & Doctor Kristy

Art Collector — Access to the entire art library including:

  • Monthly wallpapers
  • Top monthly commissions
  • Monthly layered PSD file
  • Monthly tools such as brushes, textures, color palettes, or other helpful add-ons.

Patreon VIP access — As part of the VIP community you gain access to community features including:

  • ALL votes and polls
  • ALL community art challenges
  • Sneak peeks at new art
  • Behind the scenes features
  • Early access to commissions
  • Early access to rare artist proof prints
  • Early access to new release art prints

Livestream — Access to Livestreams including:

  • Art commissions
  • TNT with Brian and Doctor Kristy
  • Additional bonus livestream events

The online Comic Coloring Course starts at just $25 per month for group classes. One-on-one mentoring is also available starting at $100 per month. Full details at the link below.

Join today!