Learn how the iPad is used to create comic books at Kansas City Comic-Con

Learn how the iPad is used to create comic books at Kansas City Comic-Con and see comic book art pencils, inks, & colors come to life on the  iPad!

 The iPad has transformed the way you read comics but did you know you can create comic art on the iPad too? See a comic book character come to life as Hi-Fi’s Brian Miller (Doctor Who) and Kristy Miller (SpongeBob Comics) demonstrate step-by-step how to pencil, ink, and color comics on the iPad. Learn the basic tools and techniques including which apps and stylus pens work best and how you too can transform your iPad into a portable art studio. Q&A session. Room: 2502

Kansas City Comic Con
Sunday, August 14th from Noon-1 PM
Panel Room: 2502 (How-To)

NOTE: This panel is FREE to all KCCC attendees.

Fans are welcome to bring their own iPads too! Draw and paint with us live. We’ll be using the following apps: Sketchbook, Adobe Draw, Procreate and demoing a few others if time permits like Graphic, AnyFont, and Comic Book! All demos will be on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil but you can use any iPad, Android, or Windows tablet you like.

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