Discover the Art of STAR WARS at Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon will be celebrating STAR WARS in 2016 with official Star Wars artists and a special panel devoted to all things Star Wars.

ART OF STAR WARS panel at Phoenix Comicon

With so many comic book artists who have contributed to the Star Wars Universe, we discuss Star Wars with the people who helped create the comic books based on the series of films that we love so much.

  • Friday 1:30-2:30PM
  • Room: North 121B
  • Guest Panelists: Star Wars illustrator Brian Miller and others TBA.

Katie Cook: Writer & Artist — Find her in Artist Alley: AA1522 — STAR WARS CELEBRATION ARTIST!

Katie Cook is the illustrator of Star Wars: ABC-3PO, a clever new book by Calliope Glass and Caitlin Kennedy with illustrations by Katie Cook, takes readers young and old on an A-to-Z exploration of the characters, creatures, and Unkar Plutts of a galaxy far, far away. Katie is also the illustrator for several Star Wars Celebration exclusive lithographs and the artist behind the official STAR WARS “stickers” on Facebook. Meet Katie and see all of her Star Wars art in Artist Alley at Phoenix Comicon.

Joe Corroney: Artist — Find him in Artist Alley: AA1610 — STAR WARS CELEBRATION ARTIST!

Joe Corroney has been providing Lucasfilm with official Star Wars artwork for books, games, trading cards, comic books, posters and magazines since 1997. Joe’s Star Wars art can be seen at Disney’s Wonderground Gallery as well as in official traveling Star Wars exhibits around the globe. You will also see Joe’s art featured in Star Wars Insider magazine and on official Star Wars book covers as well as other collectable Star Wars items. Discover all of Joe’s Star Wars and sci-fi artwork in Artist Alley at Phoenix Comicon.

Brian Miller: Artist — Find him in Artist Alley: AA1608 — STAR WARS CELEBRATION ARTIST!

Brian Miller creates limited edition screen prints for the Star Wars collectables & fine art markets working with Lucasfilm, ACME Archives, Dark Ink Art, and others to take memorable Star Wars characters from the screen and bring them to your home. Best known for his pop-culture propaganda series of Star Wars screen prints Brian is also creating original illustrations for Star Wars books. Visit Brian in Artist Alley to experience his unique take on the Star Wars universe at Phoenix Comicon.

Mike Mayhew: Artist — Find him in Artist Alley: AA1501

Mike Mayhew adapted George Lucas’ original 1974 draft “The Star Wars” for an eight issue comic series from Dark Horse Comics. “The Star Wars” became a #1 New York Times best selling graphic novel and won a Diamond Gem award for “2013 Licensed Book of the Year.” Currently, Mike is illustrating covers for Marvel Comics. Find Mike in Artist Alley at Phoenix Comicon.

Mark Brooks: Artist — Find him in Artist Alley: AA1601

Mark Brooks currently the interior illustrator for the new Star Wars Han Solo series and just completed a successful run as the cover artist for the Star Wars/Darth Vader crossover, Vader Down. He was also the cover artist for Star Wars Kanan, the Last Padawan. “Stay on Target” and don’t miss Mark in Artist Alley at Phoenix Comicon.

Spencer Brinkerhoff: Artist — Find him in Artist Alley: AA1106

Spencer started his work in the Star Wars universe when he was invited participate in the Star Wars celebration art show in Japan. He has since created officially licensed art for the Star Wars shop, the on demand print company Zazzle, LEGO, Star Wars Insider, and continued work at the Celebration events.  In addition to these projects Spencer has also invented an in-camera special effect that adds laser beams to your photos called LightSticks. Use the Force to connect with Spencer in Artist Alley at Phoenix Comicon.

Ron Marz: Writer — Find him in Artist Alley: AA1605

Ron Marz has been writing comics for more than two decades including Star Wars comics like: Star Wars: Empire, Star Wars: Darth Maul, Star Wars Tales, Jango Fett, & Luke Skywalker, Last Hope for the Galaxy. Find Ron in Artist Alley at Phoenix Comicon.

Art Adams: Artist — Find him in Artist Alley: AA1531

Arthur Adams is an award-winning artist who became an immediate fan favorite with his cover art for the Classic Star Wars: A New Hope series published by Dark Horse Comics as well as contributing to the Rogue Squadron handbook. Discover the amazing work of Art Adams in Artist Alley at Phoenix Comicon.


Bios courtesy of Phoenix Comicon, Wookiepedia, & Wikipedia.