Featured artist: Mike Norton & Battlepug!

Mike Norton’s relationship with me and Hi-Fi go back to the days of Devil’s Due where Mike pencilled Voltron which was colored by Hi-Fi. Mike has also worked for DC Comics on titles like Green Arrow, Countdown to Infinite Crisis, and Blue beetle.

A few years ago Mike launched his own sword and sorcery web comic titled, Battlepug. The web series has been a huge success with some of the stories collected into print editions. You will join Moll and her dogs Mingo and Colfax, as she recounts the legend of the Warrior and the Battlepug, a tale of one fearless barbarian and his freakishly large pug. Mike won the Eisner award for Best Digital Comic for Battlepug in 2012.

As you know, it can be difficult for aspiring colorist to find sequential artwork to color. Mike was kind enough to contribute a set of truly stunning Battlepug pages for Hi-Fi Color for Comics. As par of the Stretch Goals for this campaign I will be creating a special new coloring tutorial around Battlepug. You will learn to use Photoshop Texture Brushes to create the organic backgrounds for Battlepug and more. There will be a Battlepug Art-Pack available as a download from Hi-Fi Academy as well as a Battle pug texture brush pack for Adobe Photoshop.

Mike Norton’s Battlepug!

Want to get your hands on this amazing Battlepug art by Mike Norton? Increase your pledge, share, tweet, post flyers in your local comic shop… do whatever you have to do to push Hi-Fi Color for Comics past $14,900 and into the Stretch Goals! You can use this link, Hi-Fi Color for Comics — http://kck.st/1eOUfhk

Hopefully you have been following Revivial by Tim Seely and Mike Norton from Image comics, if not be sure to pick up a copy and see what all the buzz is about. If you are like me you will be hooked right away.

You can find out more about Mike Norton, the comics he is working on and his upcoming convention dates at: ihatemike.com

You can read Battlepug online at: battlepug.com and follow Battlepug on Facebook.

I hope you are as excited about coloring Mike Norton’s incredible Battlepug art as I am. Help get the word out and lets make it happen!  Hi-Fi Color for Comics — http://kck.st/1eOUfhk

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Brian Miller is the founder of comic book color studio Hi-Fi colour deisgn and the co-author of Hi-Fi Color For Comics