The Rewards are coming…

The Kicstarter campaign for Hi-Fi Color for Comics is only days away and I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the rewards packages we are working on. No T-shirts, key-chains, or other hyphenated knick-knacks just a focus on creating the best art instruction book for comic coloring in the formats that work best. Hi-Fi Color for Comics will contain approximately 170-190 pages of tutorials and projects and when the campaign surges past the stretch goals the additional content will push the page count well over 350 pages giving you the ultimate bang for your buck when it comes to comic coloring instruction. In addition to the print version of Hi-Fi Color for Comics we have also teamed up with ComiXology to bring you the digital edition of the book which is fully compatible with their apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle. The ComiXology edition of Hi-Fi Color for Comics makes the perfect companion to the printed book as you can take it with you anywhere you go for quick reference and not have to worry about losing or damaging your print copy of the book.

While we have done our best to keep the price of Hi-Fi Color for Comics as low as possible I urge you, the longtime reader and fan to pledge the highest reward level you can and tell all of your friends to do the same. With your help Hi-Fi Color for Comics will reach the funding goal and stretch goals quickly and become your favorite resource for learning how to color comic books.

Finally, the cover image you will see in the rewards is not the final cover art will be the promotional art we use during the campaign. When we hit our funding goal our friends at Comicraft will be designing a spectacular cover. This promo art should give you some idea of how we plan to focus on the comics, in Hi-Fi Color for Comics. And now, without further ado, the rewards:

Enthus 1 and VIP 5

MiniPrint 10

Digital 20

Print 25

Signature 35

Combo 40

Library 50

Mentor 50

TripleCombo 60

Sketch 75

PopArt 100

Retail 250

Tutor 500

Bootcamp 1000

Hi-Fi2U 2000

What do you think of these rewards packages? Let me know and be sure to sign up below for the Hi-Fi Color for Comics email list below to be notified when the Kickstarter for the new book goes live.

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Brian Miller is the founder of comic book color studio Hi-Fi colour deisgn and the co-author of Hi-Fi Color For Comics