The end of lost, damaged, and broken discs…

When I started writing the first draft of Hi-Fi Color for Comics I wondered what aspects of digital coloring people might find challenging. How could I eliminate technical roadblocks to allow readers to focus on being creative? Over the course of writing the book I created many Photoshop add-ons in the forms of color preference files, brushes, Hi-Fi Helpers, and Photoshop Actions. During the two years of creating the book Hi-Fi even became an official Adobe Developer and worked with an ex-Mars Pathfinder software engineer to create Hi-Fi’s 1-2-3 Automation Scripts for Photoshop. When Hi-Fi Color for Comics was published in 2008 the book was an instant success and much of the positive response was thanks to all the Photoshop add-ons doing exactly what I had hoped they would, allow every aspiring comic colorist to unleash their full creativity. But then I started receiving some disturbing emails…

Dear Mr. Miller, I dropped my copy of the book and my disc is cracked…

I lost my Hi-Fi Color for Comics CD, please help!

I purchased your book used and the disc is missing. Is there somewhere I can download the files?

I got a new computer and it doesn’t have a slot for CDs or DVDs, help me out.

Sadly, my only option was to point each of these readers to the publisher of the original book and hope for the best. I started advising everyone to make a back-up copy of the disc as soon as they purchased the book. To make matters worse the publisher started selling a Kindle version of the book with no way for readers to access any of the Photoshop add-ons or related tutorial files. Things became bleak when Hi-Fi Color for Comics sold-out and the publisher no longer had a source for replacement discs. Meanwhile the emails kept coming in from people who had lost, damaged, and broken discs. There must be a better way.

When the Kickstarter goes live for the new Hi-Fi Color for Comics you will see no mention of a bonus disc. Instead every copy of the book, print edition or ComiXology digital edition, comes with free enrollment in Hi-Fi Academy. What is Hi-Fi Academy? Hi-Fi Academy is a new website we are building as a companion to Hi-Fi Color for Comics. You will be able to download all the Photoshop add-ons needed to use Hi-Fi Color for Comics and when updates are available you will have access to the latest version. You will also find all the files you need for each tutorial at Hi-Fi Academy including Hi-Fi Helpers, video tutorials, as well as the artwork for each tutorial. You will be the first to learn about new tutorials and bonus content too. The goal of Hi-Fi Academy is to teach you everything I know about comic book coloring.

Hi-Fi Academy ensures no more lost, damaged, or broken discs. You can access Hi-Fi Academy at home or when traveling. Hi-Fi Academy works with the print edition and the ComiXology digital edition of Hi-Fi Color for Comics. And if you still want a physical copy of the files you are free to make a back-up copy onto CD/DVD after downloading from Hi-Fi Academy.

Hi-Fi Academy is just one of the new and improved elements of Hi-Fi Color for Comics and I know you are going to love it!

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Brian Miller is the founder of comic book color studio Hi-Fi colour deisgn and the co-author of Hi-Fi Color For Comics